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December 2, 2017

October 11, 2017

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October 20, 2017

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15 Minute Makeup - IT

October 11, 2017

Welcome to our 15 minute makeup series - a series designed for those of you who want to look amazing on Halloween but don't necessarily have hours to spend on hair and makeup. 


Not to worry!!! I'm here to help! 


I also have a coupon code for you to use at A Chorus Line - Dancewear and Costumes so you can get the supplies you will need for each look at a 15% discount... at the end of each look I will eve total all of the supples. Most looks are under $20!!!! 


15-minute makeup


IT - Pennywise

You will need:

 - clown white (CW-1)*

 - black creme color*

 - red creme color*


*Screen shot this tutorial or mention our "15-Minute IT" to take 15% off of your purchase of all four of these products. You MUST purchase all three items for the discount to apply.


Helpful but optional extras:

- fluffy brush for setting powder

- translucent setting powder

- dense wedge sponge for foundation application and blending contour

- medium flat brush for painting your creme color on

- dense smudge brush for smudging your eyeshadow lines

- setting spray (I highly recommend the final seal by Ben Nuy. It works great with other Ben Nuy products!)


Let's jump right in...

STEP 1 - 

If you are a guy or if you are going for the true movie look (or simply want to have fun with your brows) you'll want to use a glue stick to glue your eyebrow hair down.  

If you want to keep your natural brows, skip this step. 


STEP 2 -

Moisturize your face and, if you usually do or are feeling particularly fancy, prime your face with a silicone based primer. I don't use primer but, you do you. 


STEP 3 -

Clown White. Your whole face and neck, avoiding your eye lids. You'll look crazy & that's okay!!! 


Contour steps...


STEP 4 - 

Take your black creme shadow, suck your cheeks in, and draw a thin line (about 1/8 inch thick) in the hollow from your ear to under the outer corner of your eye as pictured. 


STEP 5 - 

Pennywise has very high temples so, we'll draw those by drawing a thin line from the arch in your brow up about 1 inch above your temple. 


STEP 6 - 

Soften all of those black lines by blending with a damp beauty blender or dense foam wedge. 








STEP 7 -

Frown. Now draw a line in the creases between your brows. 


STEP 8 -

Blend it all out... then blend it MORE! Trust me!!! 


STEP 9 - 

Set all of it with a fluffy brush and some translucent setting powder. 


STEP 10 - 

Draw your eyebrows. You can follow the pattern for Pennywise if you want to look like the movie or you can have fun with it. 

If you left your natural eyebrows un-glued, just define them with your black creme shadow how you want to since you probably got clown white all over them. 


STEP 11 - 

Black eye lids. Smudge it around some. You don't need to be perfect. And smudge out the under eye with a q-tip. 


STEP 12 -

Draw a thin line with red creme color from above your pupil through your brow to about 2 inches above the brows you drew on







STEP 13 -

Time for lips. Line the lips with your black liner pencil about 1 inch unlined on the top. (I did these steps for you without the clown white so it would be easier for you to see)


STEP 14 -

Extend the line of the bottom lip out and up about 3/4 and inch. Start small. you can always go bigger.


STEP 15 -

Draw a line attaching the end of your top lip liner to the new end of your bottom liner. Creating your harlequin smile.


STEP 16 - 

Draw a red line from below your pupil straight down until you hit the top of your cheek bone then flared out about an inch then curved back in to meet the corner of your mouth. Like an upside down question mark.... 


STEP 17 -

Color in your lips.


STEP 18 -

Color in the tip of your nose.


STEP 19 - 



STEP 20 - 



STEP 21 -

Go get 'em!!! 


I bet, you look amazing!

Practice makes perfect though so, the more times you can practice the better. 


3 essential items that you will need:

 - clown white (CW-1)*

 - black creme color*

 - red creme color*


*Screen shot this tutorial or mention our "15-minute clown" to take 15% off of your purchase of all four of these products. You MUST purchase all three items for the discount to apply.





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