What Will Santa Bring This Season?

What Will Santa Bring This Season?

Beth C.11/19/20

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and next is Christmas! But right now, during this unprecedented time as we all endure the difficulties that the COVID crisis brings, the Spirit of the Holidays seems far off. But it is exactly at a time like this, for all of us to remember why we love Christmas. Christmas is when we become our best selves and share our kindness and decency with family, friends, and most importantly, complete strangers. For many this spirit is captured in the smiling, jolly, round and kind old St. Nick.  He represents Christmas for not just children, but also for adults. Santa Claus holds up the lantern of hope, guiding us to a festive and warm home, welcoming us in from these cold and uncertain times. We want you to become that beacon of hope, to become the Santa Claus for your family, your friends, your community. Christmas will come, and Santa, you, will certainly be a part of it!

For that aspiring Santa or the seasoned professional, at A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes in Valencia CA,  we stock everything you will need in store and on our website.  We have been serving the Santa Clarita community and Santas for almost 40 years and we look forward to serving you.

Suit Checklist: Of course Santa needs his iconic red jacket and pants but what else would a proper Santa need? 

  • Hat, Belt, Gloves, Glasses
  • Beard and wig (also adhesive so they stay attach while speaking)
  • Santa Belly
  • Boots or boot covers
  • Eyebrows (use either attachable eyebrows or eyebrow whitener if yours are already bushy)


  • Sack and jingle bells
  • Key: Kids are very inquisitive! A Santa may get asked: “Santa, we don't have a fireplace at our home, so how will you get in?” Reply by pulling out a special key, a magic key, and tell the little one that the key lets you into any house!

When you are playing Santa, remember these key points:  

  • When you step into the Santa Claus suit, you have big shoes to fill. For many kids you become their hero, a real live Santa! You are who they believe in to bring them all their Christmas gifts. So remember this while dressed like Santa. You have a responsibility to keep the magic alive for those who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Even more so this year! 
  • Make sure you are ready to list all of the reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. Don’t forget Rudolph 
  • Remember that Santa is a jolly, so keep your mood light, fun, and engaging. Practice your HO HO HO's!
  • This may seem repetitive after 2020, but practice good hygiene. Keep gum or mints handy to keep your breath fresh after a smoke break, cup of coffee, or after a garlic pizza!  And wear a special Christmas Mask, remember COVID is impacting the North Pole too!.

Not only do we stock everything for Santa but we have everything for his helpers too, like Mrs. Claus and Santa's Elves!  We look forward to helping you bring the Spirit of the Holidays to those around you.