We are pleased to offer FREE Standard Ground shipping within the contiguous United States via USPS on all orders over $60. Orders under $60 will be charged a flat rate of $7.95 to ship within the United States. Free shipping, as well as flat rate shipping, excludes bulky items or unusually large products (for example, weapons, props, armor, some hats). Items that do not qualify for the free and/or the flat rate shipping will have a notice on the page indicating additional shipping fees. Some items may only available in store.
We are able to ship products available In Store Only but the shipping fees need to be calculated. If there is a product you need shipped, please email info@achorusline.net with detailed information, description and quantity needed and shipping address so we can quote the shipping cost. If you want to pursue the order, we will email you a link to complete the order. Please be aware that this process may add a day or two.
We utilize USPS for our eCommerce shipping. Standard Ground Shipping will result in most packages to addresses in the contiguous US arriving in 3-6 business days. Our goal is to get shipments out within 1 day of the order placement. During our busy Halloween season, orders may take a few more days to ship. Please take this into account when ordering. If you require your package faster, please indicate “RUSH” in the comments section to ship within one day. If you require a faster shipping option, select overnight shipping in the check out section. Orders will go out within one business day.
We are sorry, but at this time, we do not ship internationally.

In-Store Pick Up
Absolutely, we are happy to have your order ready for you to pick up in store! Even better, it saves you any shipping fees. At checkout, be sure to select “In Store Pick Up” to avoid shipping charges.
Yes, you can place your order online and select “In Store Pick Up”. When you arrive, call us at (661)-253-0300 with your name and order number and we will bring your order out to your car.
Once you place your order online, typically it will be ready the next business day. If you place your order at least two hours before we close, we will strive to have the order ready same day. You will receive an email or text notification letting you know the order is complete and ready to be picked up.

Pointe Shoes
We are proud to be a premiere pointe shoe retailer. Our fitters have 25 years of experience and an invaluable working knowledge that will provide you with the best shoe fitting appointment. With our expertise, you are sure to find your perfect fit with A Chorus Line!
We strongly recommend only ordering pointe shoes from us online if you have already been fitted in those shoes previously. We recommend an annual fitting checkup to confirm that the same style pointe shoe is benefiting your continued development en pointe. If you have never had pointe shoes or are looking to try a new style of pointe shoes that you have never worn before, please book an appointment for a fitting to purchase your new shoes. If you are unable to visit our store for a proper fitting and need a new style of shoes, please email us at info@achorusline.net to discuss a virtual pointe fitting.
Please allow about an hour for your fitting. You may be done sooner if you are coming for a quick replacement or know exactly what you want to try. Please wear a pair of convertible tights and a leotard or booty shorts. Make sure your toenails are trimmed, but try not to cut them the day of the fitting, as this can cause sensitivity and will affect your perception of fit. Finally, please bring your old pointe shoes, your current toe pads, and any accessories you wear inside your shoes. Please Note: after the fitting and purchase, show your pointe shoes to your teacher for approval BEFORE sewing on ribbon and elastics. Shoes may not be returned or exchanged once they have been sewn.
Congratulations on being approved for pointe! Fitting appointments for beginners are a must. Your first pointe shoe fitting is very special, and we want to give you the full A Chorus Line experience! We’re so excited about your accomplishment and want to have the time to teach you what to expect and how to sew and care for both your shoes and your feet. Before getting pointe shoes, you MUST have the approval of your ballet teacher. Pointe shoes are not for beginning ballet students! Please consult with your teacher beforehand to get any specific suggestions about pointe shoe brands and toe pads preferred otherwise, we will do what we do best, get you the best pointe shoes for your feet! Every foot and every dancer is different. Please allow 60 minutes for your first pointe shoe fitting. It is to your benefit to try several different kinds of shoes before we find one that is right for you. For the appointment, please wear a pair of convertible tights and a leotard or shorts so we can check for proper alignment. Also, make sure your toenails are trimmed, but try not to cut them the day of the fitting, as this can cause sensitivity and will affect your perception of fit.
Ribbon and elastics Mesh bag for proper shoe storage and care Lamb’s wool for extra comfort, and adjustment as your shoe breaks in Stitch kit/Sewing tube for sewing your shoes Toe Pads to protect your toes and depending on your unique feet, other products may be needed Footsie roller because your feet are going to be sore!
Yes, we offer group fittings for any level of dancers, not just for beginners. We request at least a five-day notice so we have time to schedule the fitting.

Costume Rentals
Yes, we offer costume rentals on some of our more deluxe costume ensembles.
No. Many may think that a rental is less expensive than the costumes we sell, they aren’t. The rentals are a superior quality. In addition, we may have to alter a rental, and upon return, dry-clean, repair, or take other steps to prepare the costume for our next customer. None of this applies to the costumes available for purchase.
Medieval to the modern 1960’s International Mascots Men’s Vintage Formalwear Book Report Historical Characters for Children Uniform Separates Western Style/ Old West/ Saloon Graduation Robes Holiday Costumes: Santas, Bunny Suits, Religious
Please make an appointment. Not all staff members are trained to handle rental costumes as they are more involved than our costumes for purchase. You can book an appointment here
The first step is to make an appointment [embedded link to Appointment Page]. When you come in for your appointment, and have chosen your rental costume, you will complete paperwork. This includes leaving a deposit and informing us of the day that you need the costume. If the garment needs to be pressed, or altered, it will get sent out to the cleaners. On the date of your pickup, the costume will be ready for you; the rental fee will need to be paid at the time the costume is checked out. The rental period is for one day but depending on the time of year and type of costume, we will make exceptions. If you need it for extra time, we offer a cruise rate of 1.5 x the rental fee so for example if the costume rents for $50, the extra half is $25 cruise rate so you would be charged $75 plus tax for the entire week. We also offer a 20% per extra day fee. When you are finished with your rental, we request that you return all items on the hangers given. When we confirm all items are returned and there are no damages or stains, then the initial deposit will be returned.
Unfortunately, we are not ready to offer rentals online, these need to be completed in store. Thank you for your understanding.
It’s so easy and we love to get pictures of our customers having fun in our costumes (purchased or rentals) so please email images to info@achorusline.net to see yourself featured and enjoy a discount off your next purchase or rental!

Starting a Dance Class?
Absolutely, we are a one stop shop for everything dance! We stock shoes to accommodate a variety of sizes and styles. We also have apparel for toddler through to plus sizes. We even carry bunmakers to help you make that perfect ballet bun, and we can show you how to use them too!
That is exciting that your child is embarking into the world of dance. Depending on the studio and your child’s age, typically tap shoes and ballet shoes are needed for a regular combo class. The ballet slippers start at $19.95 and tap shoes start at $26.95. If jazz shoes are needed, they start at $36.95. We also carry beginner shoes for adult sizes: tap shoes start at $39.95, ballet shoes start at $21.95 and jazz shoes start at $36.95.

Special Orders
If you are unable to make an order online for a product that is grayed out and you are unable to select, please email us at info@achorusline.net with the information and we will check on the product status and let you know when we might expect it.
We have over 10,000 products in store, much more than what we are able to showcase online, so it is possible that we have it. If the product you need is not in store or online, we are happy to offer our special-order service for you. As long as we are affiliated with the vendor, and we have an expected time estimate, we can special order items for customers. Please understand that special order products will need to be prepaid prior to ordering.
While we have selected our most popular styles and sizes to sell online, we have many more options in store. We can also special order many products. If you need something specific, please reach out to us at 661-253-0300 or email us as info@achorusline.net .

Group Orders
Yes, we have coordinated many groups orders for shoes, makeup, apparel, tights, costumes, wigs, and theatrical accessories. If you are putting together a group order, we have ways to help you save time, money and mostly headaches! We are really easy and flexible to work with. We can offer size runs for shoes or garments or can set up fitting times and have your students come in at their convenience or one person pick up for everyone.

Other Questions
Yes, we still carry the nude pirouettes and many other items that are labeled “Nude” from our vendors, but anything that is called nude has been changed on our website to “Light Tan”. We still carry all of the products but they have just been renamed to be more sensitive and inclusive to the various skin tones of our diverse customer population.
We allow customers to try on a variety of wigs but only if they intend to purchase a wig. Wigs are fragile and can get shop worn. Our intention is to keep the wigs pristine and prepared to go to their new home. For sanitary reasons, we require customers purchase a wig cap ($2.95) prior to trying any wigs on. We do not allow packaged wigs to be tried on.
Yes, gift cards bought in store or online can be used at either place.