Easter Bunny Suit Rental Information


Springtime is very exciting for children with a visit from the Easter Bunny and all of the treats that they will bring!  We’ve got you covered when it comes to being prepared with the most adorable and welcoming Bunny Costumes.  Here is some information to help you prepare for The Easter Bunny’s Arrival.

Included with our rentals: Full Fur Suit*, Mitts, Shoe Covers, Mascot Quality Head

*Please be advised that not all suits are solid white, some have pink tummies and some have pink pom-poms. If you have a preference, please let your costumer know. Not all sizes are available in all options.

Head choice determines pricing for the rental.  Upgrades and extra options are available such as deluxe feet, vest and bow tie sets for an additional cost.

To start a bunny suit rental, email us at info@achorusline.net or call us at 661-253-0300.

Deluxe Head Bunny Suit

Premium Head Bunny Suit

$150 + tax $175 + tax




All rentals require a $200 deposit at time of booking to reserve your suit.  The $200 is in addition to the rental fee.      

Rental FAQs
No, your rental fee covers the cleaning fee. 
The deposit and the rental are two separate payments and both of the them need to be paid prior to the bunny leaving the store. We accept cash, credit or debit cards for the rental fee and cash or credit cards for the deposit. We do not accept checks. Upon the return of the costume, we confirm all of the pieces have been returned and that the costume is not damaged or dirty beyond repair, we return your initial $200 deposit.
No, our suits are sized so please let us know height, weight, and clothing size.
We recommend a light weight cotton t-shirt and shorts or leggings. This creates a breathable barrier between your skin and the suit as sometimes people are sensitive to the suit fabric lining. If you have long hair, be sure to pull it up so it is undetected.
The heads are professional quality and durably constructed of lightweight foam latex. We recommend choosing a bunny who is not latex sensitive or claustrophobic. The heads can get warm and stuffy so taking breaks about every 20 minutes is a good idea. We recommend that you select a “Bunny Helper” to go with your bunny. When a break is needed, your bunny will signal the bunny helper who can be the voice of the bunny to let the children know that the bunny will be right back. Have a safe place with plenty of water and a portable fan nearby that the bunny can remove the head without being seen.