Belle Pointe Shoe by Merlet


SKU: SPML21BEL-3 Merlet

Feel like the Belle of the Ball(et) with the Belle Pointe Shoe by Merlet.  Designed with beginner pointe students in mind, the Belle is a lightweight shoe perfect for dancers going en pointe for the first time.  It features an innovative Alcantara faux-suede tip for extra grip and durability, and instead of a drawstring, it has an elastic casing to ensure a snug fit.  The box is tapered with a low profile, low vamp, and high supportive wings, and the diamond-shaped fabric through to the heel creates a sleek look.  The supple pre-arched shank breaks between 1/2 & 3/4 and allows for an easy demi-pointe roll-through, allowing beginner pointe students to fully utilize & strengthen their feet while dancing en pointe.


  • Tapered box
  • Short vamp
  • Low profile
  • Soft shank
  • Elasticized binding- no drawstring
  • Faux suede tip

 Ribbons and elastics sold separately!