Cloé Pointe Shoe by Merlet


SKU: SPML31CLE-5 Merlet

From Limoges, France comes the subtly sophisticated Cloé Pointe Shoe by Merlet.  Featuring moderate vamp & wings, the Cloé has a square, pleatless box with a wide platform for balance & stability and a thin gel cushion in the tip for extra comfort.  The innovative & extra durable Cryptonite shank has a three-quartered feel, and it allows for an easy roll-through of demi-pointe while still strongly supporting the foot en pointe.  It has a cotton drawstring, and the fabric through to the heel is hourglass-shaped, hugging the arch of the foot.  The microfiber insole is moisture-wicking, and the cotton inner lining is dyed a beautiful blue, so no more worries about classmates accidentally taking the wrong shoes home!  Additional sizes available by special order.


  • Square box, wide platform
  • Medium vamp
  • Low profile
  • Medium flexible cryptonite ¾ shank
  • Cotton drawstring
  • Pleatless box with faux suede tip
  • Comfortable blue cotton lining
  • Microfiber moisture wicking insole

 Ribbons and elastics sold separately!