Diva Pointe Shoe by Merlet


SKU: SPML11DVA-1 Merlet

Be a dancing queen with the Diva Pointe Shoe by Merlet.  Handmade in Limoges, France, the Diva features a Merlet-exclusive polycarbonate shank for extended durability.  This innovative shank has a three-quartered effect designed to support & flatter the arch of the foot while allowing for an easy demi-pointe roll-through.  The Diva has a moderately tapered box with a high crown, vamp, and wings, and the platform is pleatless with an Alcantara faux-suede tip for extra grip.  The Diva has a cotton drawstring, and there is a thin silicone gel pad in the tip of the box for extra comfort, ideal for dancers who prefer wearing thin or no toe pads.  As an added bonus, the cotton inner lining is purple, so you'll no longer have to worry about someone else in your class accidentally taking your shoes home!  Additional sizes available by special order.


  • Tapered box
  • Long vamp
  • Low profile
  • Medium polycarbonate ¾ shank
  • Cotton drawstring
  • Pleatless platform with faux suede tip
  • Comfortable purple cotton lining

 Ribbons and elastics sold separately!