Gov'nah Hat


SKU: HHEL29430 Elope

Ello, Gov'nah! Navigate your colonial costume party in style with this gorgeous Colonial Governor Hat by elope. Featuring a truly spectacular tricorn shape with bendable wire brim, this haughty headpiece is adorned in classic black fabric decorated with a richly hued ribbon and embroidered accent, plus a shiny button buckle embellishment for that extra-official touch. A ruffely white maribou trim tops the brim for a stately look that even the glummest of 18th century government officials would go gaga for. Designed to fit governors and gentlefolk of various sizes with the aid of the internal size adjuster, this hat makes a great addition to your whimsical wardrobe or novelty dress-up collection. Townsfolk and party goers alike are sure to tip their hat to you when you don this Colonial Tricorn Hat by elope.