Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex


William Robert Teeth Company

Fix Your Smile At Home In Minutes. Simple Fitting Instructions.

Super Comfortable-Comfort Fit

Ultra Thin Flex Technology Minimizes Speech Disruption

Do you feel insecure about your smile? Do you need a quick and inexpensive fix? Unlike dentures, the Instant Smile Flex are comfortable, flexible and fit over your teeth similar to press on veneers. The perfect adult makeover that is easy to fit within a few short minutes before transforming your teeth into the perfect smile. These handmade, teeth are easy to fit after using hot water following the included instructions. Perfect for everyday use, at your work, college, reunions, weddings and any type of family gathering. Compact carrying case is also included.

These teeth are reusable! Once your custom teeth are fitted you can use them over and over for years to come! If the fit ever becomes loose, you can reheat the material and refit them at anytime.