Brava by Russian Pointe


SKU: SPRP00BRV-1 Russian Pointe

You’ll exclaim “Brava!” as soon as you slip your feet into this marvelous u-cut pointe shoe, and your audience will agree! With the pliable shanks, pre-arched construction and exquisite appearance of the Spotlight Collection, Brava U-Cut Pointe Shoes feature a drawstring, slightly tapered box with a medium crown and wide platform, and a streamlined heel. Dancers most likely to choose Brava have even-length to moderately tapered toes, and a noticeable difference in width from the metatarsal area to the heel, a “diamond” foot.



• Wide toe platform
• Flexible medium shank
• Slightly tapered box: narrows from metatarsal to heel
• Elastic drawstring
• Medium crown
• Vamp 2

Ribbons and elastics sold separately!