Wispy Eyelashes



The wispy eyelashes offer a darker and more natural look than the classic straight lashes. Great for stage, competitions and everyday wear. Eyelash adhesive is not included but is available separately.

Application Advice: Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to apply false lashes, it can be tricky and requires time and patience to do properly.
Before you begin: the band of false eyelashes are made long, you need to trim them to the proper size for your eyes. Hold the false lashes up to your eye and measure from the outside corner to the inside where your lashes begin, then carefully trim them to the proper length.

Adhesive: only use adhesives that are made for eyes, other adhesives may be damaging to your eyes or your natural lashes. Apply a small amount of Eyelash Adhesive to the band of the false lash, don't try to apply adhesive to your eyelid. Fresh out of the tube the adhesive will be runny and will be messy and hard to apply so allow glue to air dry for about a minute until it begins to turn clear and tacky.

Apply: carefully apply the false lashes as close to your natural lashes as you can. Gently press and hold the ends with your fingers or a pair of tweezers until the glue has set.

Finishing touches: carefully apply Eye Liner along the band of the false lash if desired. Finally, apply a thin coat of Mascara like you normally would to blend natural and false lashes together.

Removal: soak a wash cloth in warm water and hold over the lashes to soften the glue, then carefully pull the lash off. You can also use a Makeup Remover to soften the adhesive.

Reuse: eyelashes can be worn numerous times if you take care not to stretch and distort them. Clean off any excess adhesive and makeup from the before storing them back in their case.